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Conversation – The Advantage of Classroom Training Courses

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Conversation – The Advantage of Classroom Training Courses

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With the recent focus in the news on single-use plastics, this was something that came up in one of my Level 3 Food Safety courses this week. Some of the course participants were passionate about moving to glass, while others had safety concerns about the use of glass in the kitchen. Both views had safety issues and an interesting debate followed.

A few weeks ago, on a Level 2 Food Safety course I ran for students at a Hampshire college, there was one attendee who aspired to run her own business. It was fantastic to see, at just age 19, such ambition. It also presented an opportunity for the group, as part of the course, to look at what she needed to put in place before she could operate. Using her own idea as a case-study we reviewed what paperwork she needed and how to comply with Food Safety policies in a home kitchen environment.

There are moments like this on every course I teach. Where participant-led questions, scenarios and discussions allow us to look deeper into the subject, debate different points of view and answer questions relevant to each individual’s circumstances.

It is these moments which make the course so much more relevant and meaningful than the basic syllabus. It leads to a better understanding of best practice, helps my students grasp deeper concepts and increases the motivation to commit to good practice, ultimately improving our Food Safety and Health and Safety culture.

These are also my favourite moments of every course.

I don’t mind spending time answering questions or encouraging a group discussion. It is these conversations which result in the precious light-bulb moments for my participants. I see managers (especially on the Level 3 and Level 4 courses) scribble a little note to themselves; something to take back to work and implement.

For me, this is the real value of face-to-face classroom courses and what sets me apart from online or learning courses.

Food Safety and Health & Safety Training is about more than just the certificate, it is about driving our working culture forward and creating safer working environments. Having the opportunity to network with peers, learning from their experiences and ask probing questions helps everyone accelerate their learning and get more from their course.

Naturally, whilst most people initially contact me to enquire about a specific course and certificate they need, I am proud to ensure they leave the course with far more knowledge and a broader understanding.


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