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 Last Friday, I visited my local fish and chips shop and I admit that my favourite bits are the crispy little pieces of chips. My local uses fresh potatoes and makes their own chips and I wondered as I watched the young team prepping and cooking whether they were aware of the recent change in legislation

On the 11th April new legislation came into play which means that food business operators must put measures into place to reduce the amount of acrylamide produced during cooking. But what does this mean and what changes do you need to make?

This legislation affects all food businesses from the small independent through to the large national manufacturer.

As with all changes in the law, there has been some concern and misunderstanding about what is required by businesses. Like most legislation, this is not about making it unmanageable and expensive. The controls needed are dependent on the size and complexity of a business.

The British Hospitality Association have put together an Industry guide to Acrylamide for the Catering and Food Service industry. Although this is a draft interim guide while we await the finalised EU Guidance, it outlines the measures that businesses can take to ensure that they are meeting the requirements of this new regulation.

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