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The best of both worlds

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The best of both worlds

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Few people would disagree that face-to-face learning is more impactful and inspiring than e-learning.

However, a group of people taking time away from the workplace for classroom-based training results in a direct cost to the employer, in addition to the cost of the course.  For 3-day courses this can become a real obstacle for managers.

To help achieve the perfect solution, I recently trialled a new blended-learning approach with great success on a Level 3 Health & Safety Course, which usually requires 3 days out of the office for lessons and the exam.

Students completed the majority of the course at their own pace using an e-learning platform from Highfield, who are also the awarding body for my classroom courses – which ensures continuity and consistency.

Participants then joined together for a single classroom day, offering the opportunity for discussion, questions and debate which I focussed on the needs of the group and their particular business, as well as completing the final exam. One participant commented “Classroom learning really helped and touched on the exact places that needed more discussion

Not only was this blended learning format valued by students, who left the classroom with a better understanding than they had gained from e-learning alone, but it was also appreciated by managers, who only had to co-ordinate a single day for staff to attend.

Naturally, the proof is in the pudding and everyone was delighted with the 100% pass rate.

If you think blended-learning could work for your organisation, please contact me.  I can offer blended-learning solutions for Level 3 Health & Safety and Level 3 Food Safety. As always, I will tailor dates and delivery content to match your organisation’s particular needs.


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